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The Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, and the surroundings of Ushuaia offers unique conditions for the practice of trekking:
- Great and diverse landscapes (sea, forest, mountains, glaciers, peat bogs and more)
- Depending on the itineraty, low or even non presence of other people.
- Absence of infrastructure in most of the itineraries
- Unchartered terrain

All year




• Trekking / Hiking
• Camping
• Glacier transit

• Big Island of Tierra del Fuego

We kindly invite you to write us telling us about you and your partners, so we can recommend you the best itineraries for your special needs.
The huge wild area and the countless ways of combining trails, added to the wide variety of interests and skills from our visitors allow us to create tailor made experiences for every one.

Some of the classical destinantions are:
- Martial Glacier
- Esmeralda Lagoon
- Vinciguerra Glacier
- Coastal Trail (National Park Tierra del Fuego)
- Del Caminante Lagoon (2/3 days, National Park Tierra del Fuego)
- Del Medio Mount
- Turquesa Lagoon

• Professional guide

• Meals

• Hot beverages and water

• Camping gear (if needed)

• Technical gear (if needed)

• Transportation

• Personal Insurance

Must bring

• Personal bottle of water

• Waterproof walking shoes

• Sunglasses

• Waterproof jacket

• Waterproof pants (for multiday trekkings)

• Warm clothes, gloves, hat

• Backpack (size according to itineraries)

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