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Alma Calma Tours

ALMA CALMA TOURS (Calm Soul) is a local inbound travel company based in Ushuaia. It specializes in the organization of unique private tours.

We cater to travelers from around the world who want to experience authentic moments in the natural environments of Tierra del Fuego Island. With them in mind, we customize our itineraries to be as unique as each individual.

Because we love and care about our place and community, we make sure to have a positive impact, from the design of the itineraries to meal selection.

We prioritize outdoor moments of contemplation and learning to provide authentic, meaningful experiences that connect with the environment.



to our clients, our community and to the nature.


to be able to keep offering what we love for a thousand years.


as a necessary condition to achieve more intimate and real experiences.

Quality and knowledge

in constant evolution, to keep surprising and marking the difference.


in the design of the experiences.

Local development

because we are not alone and we must help to the improvement of the local community.


in all the stages of our experiences. If we are not the ones, we know very well who they are.


Born in Ushuia in 1985, Nicolas grew up in broad contact with nature, surrounded by family and friends who taught him to love the sea, the forest, and the mountains. And through a wide range of outdoor activities, he discovered his place in the world, Tierra del Fuego Island.

By the time he was 16, his passion for exploration and learning led him to start working in the adventure travel business even before finishing high school.

Finally, he studied to become a professional tour guide while gaining experience working in diverse tourism activities, including guiding groups around Tierra del Fuego Island, the Malvinas Islands, the South Georgias Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula.

In 2007, one of his greatest dreams came true when he established Alma Calma Tours, envisioning unforgettable experiences for travelers visiting Tierra del Fuego.

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