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Península Mitre

The vast and desolated territory of the eastern tip of Tierra del Fuego challenges the bravest explorers.
A unique combination of great landscapes, history, archaeology and wildlife transformed this corner of the earth in a legitimate open sky museum.
We organize group scheduled and tailor made expeditions using different ways to move around the area, depending on our clients.
Learn more from the singular richness of Peninsula Mitre and the many ways to discover on "Description"

All year, but better from November to April

From easy to very hard

From 1 day to over 30 days


• Trekking / Hiking
• Horse-back riding
• Sailing
• Flights in helicopters
• Camping

• Peninsula Mitre

When we say Peninsula Mitre is an open sky museum we are not exaggerating.

The singularity of this place doesn´t comes only from its remoteness geographical location, isolation and scenic beauty; but also by the existence in the area of:
- Abandoned farms from the early XX century
- Archaeologic sites from millenary etnias (HAUSH and YAMANA)
- Remains of old shipwreck from 2 and 3 centuries ago
- Vestiges of gold seekers
- Amazing amount of wild horses and cattle
- Native wildlife: Andean Condors, Sea Lions, Albatrosses, foxes and more

Due to the extension of Peninsula Mitre (approximately 3.202 square km) there are several options to explore the area, as well as countless possible combinations of activities and modes of transportation.
We organize in this area expeditions including trekking, horse riding, sailing and helicopter flights.

Trekking Expeditions
We offer itineraries starting from 3 days to visit San Pio Cape on the southern coast ( and southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego Island) and from 4 days to visit La Chaira Post on the norther coast.
The whole traverse of the Peninsula Mitre from Moat River on the southern coast to Irigoyen Reiver on the norther coast is about 300 km and takes about one month!

Horse Ride Expeditions
This sort of expeditions only take place along the north coast. Starting from 5 days to visit Rio Bueno Post. The best option is to go 10 days to reach the easternmost tip of the peninsula at Thetis Bay and Sand Diego Cape.

Sailing yacht Expeditions
We organize itineraries visiting the most scenic bays of the south coast of the peninsula up to Thetis Bay. Itineraries start form 3 days long.

Helicopter Expeditions
Is the most flexible and fastest way to explore the area. We offer overflights with lunch starting from one day long tours.

Combined expeditions
The south coast due to its rugged geography and small rocky beaches is more suitable for helicopter and sailing boat explorations. The north coast in the other hand offers a much flatter terrain with long and wide beaches. This coast is ideal to enter the peninsula horse riding or hikking without big inconvenient.
Because of these reasons an exploration trip to visit the most remarkable places of the area requires to combine different modes of transportation.

We invite you to write us telling us about you and your interest and expectations about this unique area. We will be glad to help design your own expedition.

• To provide this sort of expeditions we count with:
- Professional guides with more than 15 years of experience in the area
- Satellite comunications with 100% coverage
- Resources to organize aerial, terrestrial and maritime rescues
- Physicians specilize in outdoors medicine
- Rescue and evacuation insurance

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