National Park Tierra del Fuego & Redonda Island

Discover the Tierra del Fuego National Park in an active way. Walk the most scenic trails and sail the waters of the Beagle Channel to the idyllic Redonda Island and reach its summit to get stunning views of the park and the surrounding areas.

From October to May

Mid. (Low dificulty trails, but one of them with some steep sections and uneven terrain)

8 hours aprox.


• Trekking / Hiking
• Scenic car ride
• Crossing in zodiac boat
• Lunch outdoors

• Lapataia Bay
• Acigámi (o Roca) Lake
• Zaratiegui Bay
• Redonda Island

8 AM. Pick up hotel and car ride to the National Park.
-Photographic stops and visit to the Train Station of the Train at The End of the World.

9 AM. Arrival to the first walk: With a duration of two hours, this easy walk will take you to a great viewpoint over Lapataia, also to the end of the Panamerican Highway (end of the national route 3) and to walk among peat moss áreas and Beaver dams.

11 AM. Return to the vehicule and drive towards Zaratiegui Bay.
-Photografic stop in the Acigami (o Roca) Lake.

11:30 AM. Arrival to Zaratiegui Bay and beggining of the second walk, this time along the coast of the Beagle Channel.
- You´ll walk among baysof cristaline wáter, archeologic sites, and forest of evergeen beches.

12:30 PM. Lunch Time

1:30 PM: Embarkation on zodiac boat, and crossing to Redonda Island.
-Sea bird watching (Cormorants, petrels, terns, etc)

1:45 PM: Arrival to Redonda Island. Beginning of the third walk towards the summit of island.
-Redonda Island is characterized by its quietness and virgin evergreen forest. The views from the top are really spectacular, but reaching it will be the most challenging of the day.

3:45 PM: Return to the coast of the island and boat ride back to Zaratiegui Bay.
-Visit to End of the World Post Office, where you can stamp your passport or send postcards to anywhere in the world.

4 PM: Return to Ushuaia by car.

4:30 PM: Arrival to hotel.

• Professional Guide

• Complete lunch with red wine

• Hot drinks and water

• Transportation by land

• Transportation by boat

• Personal Insurance

Must bring

• Personal bottle of water (recommended)

• Walking shoes

• Sunglasses

• Waterproof jacket

• Warm clothes, gloves and hat

• Small backpack


• All our services are private, so we can customize them to your expectations. Consult us!

• In this excursion the lunch we propose is outdoors

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+54 2901 582989