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Alma Calma

ALMA CALMA EXPEDITIONS (Calm Soul) is an inbound travel and tourism agency native from Ushuaia, specialized in the organization of private customized adventure tourism experiences.

We are oriented to those persons and groups who look to live active experiences in the natural environments of Tierra del Fuego Island and surrounding areas. Thinking on them we design original and shocking itineraries that, following strict low impact practices satisfied those precious adventurous souls (Almas).

Because we love our place, we ensure that our services produce the less possible environmental impact, from the design of the itineraries to the election of meals.

We offer more time of contact with the nature: We prioritize the moments of contemplation and learning outdoors that combined with the physical effort of the outdoor sports delivers more authentic and memorable experiences.

About the culinary aspect, we stay loyal to our philosophy serving meals most of the time outdoors, in unique environments, with little preparation and waiting times. This way, we are able to deliver more time outdoors. We also look for working with local cooks and entrepreneurs, trying hard to minimize the use of packaging and dispensable elements.



to our clients, our community and to the nature.


to be able to keep offering what we love for a thousand years.


as a necessary condition to achieve more intimate and real experiences.

Quality and knowledge

in constant evolution, to keep surprising and marking the difference.


in the design of the experiences.

Local development

because we are not alone and we must help to the improvement of the local community.


in all the stages of our experiences. If we are not the ones, we know very well who they are.


I had the fortune to born in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, in 1985 and to be able to enjoy during all my childhood and adolescence of growing in the broad contact with the nature surrounded by my family and friends who teached me to truly enjoy the sea, the forest and the mountains.

So, thru a wide range of outdoor sports and activities (hikking, camping, skiing, splitboarding, horseback riding, fishing, climbing, kayaking, sailing and more) I got to know the Island of Tierra del Fuego and the many different face it can have.

My fascination for exploring and interacting with the environment and sharing it took me to start working as assitant/translator in sea kayak excursions and as site guide in one of the oldest ranchs of the island. Even before I finished high school.

So withouth a doubt, when I had the chance, I started to study in the local university a 3 years degree course to become a Professional Tour Guide. During that time I was able to gain experience on the summers working in a wide range adventure tourism activities (sailing tour, horseback ride tour, hikking tours, among others).

And from the momment I finished studying (more than ten years ago already) I started to work as a freelance tour guide, for a wide range of tour company. This way I had the possibility of guiding groups around Tierra del Fuego Island, Malvinas Islands, South Georgias Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Today, I 've created Alma Calma Expeditions, to offer an authentic service, though for those adventurous souls that visit us and wish to live a unique and powerfull experience, the kind that leaves a mark.

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